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American tourist lands in Gujarat hotel with 14 pets, calls police when told to vacate

Ahmedabad: An American tourist staying in a hotel here with 14 pets, including a goat, had called the police after the hotel management asked her to leave, said an official Friday.

The incident took place on April 10 when the woman tourist from the United States called the police following an altercation with the hotel manager.

According to the police, the women arrived at the hotel with six cats, seven dogs and a goat on the night of April 9.

"Upon reaching the hotel, situated in Shah-e-Alam area, we learnt that the hotel owner was upset after knowing that the US citizen had landed with 14 of her pets.

"When the hotel owner asked her to leave, she called us. Since no complaint was filed, we could not do much except pacifying both the parties," said S S Modi, inspector of the Kagadapith police station here.

According to hotel manager Ramesh Panchal, the woman, who is in her 50s, left Friday afternoon.

"On April 9, two persons came to our hotel and booked a room for a US citizen. At that time, we were not told that she would come with so many animals.

"On the night of April 9, when only a watchman was present, she came with 14 of her pets, which were kept in the passage of the hotel," said Panchal.

"The next day morning, we along with other guests were shocked to see so many animals in the hotel. When we asked her to leave, she got furious and called the police. Then, we did not say anything to her," he said.

The hotel management heaved a sigh of relief when she vacated the premises.

"Luckily, she left on Friday afternoon with all her pets. She told us that she was going to Kerala," said Panchal.

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