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AAP says BJP leaders 'extorting' money by showing bulldozers

AAP says BJP leaders extorting money by showing bulldozers

New Delhi: AAP's senior leader and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia appealed to all MLAs to fight back and support the public against BJP's extortion threats as it is trying to extort as much money as possible in the last few days it has left in the MCD.

The minister accused Delhi BJP councillors of demanding bribe from city residents after their party's chief Adesh Gupta asked the mayors of south and east civic bodies to remove illegal encroachments by using bulldozers. Sisodia called the development truth of the BJP's bulldozer politics".

The Deputy CM wrote to all MLAs asking them to come to the aid of the public by combating BJP's Gunda Raj, as they are threatening people with the demolition of their homes and shops. "If such a case comes to the notice of any MLA, then they should help the people and catch hold of the extortionists of BJP and hand them over to the police, as well as bring such cases to the notice of the government immediately," he said.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the government has received such complaints from all over the city and the public will not tolerate such type of blatant extortion and hooliganism. "People have come and complained to me personally, in my assembly constituency Patparganj as well. It is taking place in the colonies and societies there too. I have also received complaints from societies in areas like Green Park. People are very scared at the moment," the Deputy CM wrote in the letter.

Seeing the rampant hooliganism of the BJP the people are afraid to come forward in fear that they may actually demolish their homes and shops, he said.

"It is not difficult for them to find any shortcomings in any house or shop built in Delhi. In almost all the houses, the municipal corporation will flag minor mistakes, whether it is about the size of someone's balcony, whether it is a matter of covering the balcony, making an extra room or any civil work done in the shop," the letter stated.

The CM further questioned if that was the reason for the postponement of the MCD elections. Sisodia urged the MLAs to hand over such extortionists to the police if they get to know about them.

"I appeal to all the MLAs to help the public and stand against this illegitimate extortion racket being run by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Tell the residents of your constituency that the Delhi Government and the Aam Aadmi Party are standing in support of them," he said.

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