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Bidve killer mocks ongoing trial

A Briton who admitted shooting Indian student Anuj Bidve on Monday appeared to mock the ongoing trial by saying, 'I love prison. I get to watch Coronation Street. Does this face look bothered?'
Under cross-examination, Kiaran Stapleton was asked by prosecutor Brian Cummings why he decided to get the tattoo on his face two days after the killing. Bidve, 23, was murdered on 26 December last year in Salford. He claimed that the 'killer' teardrop tattoo did to not refer to Bidve's shooting but to the death of a fish.

Stapleton, who has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not murder, told the jury at the Manchester Crown Court that he did not want to discuss the goldfish because he might receive 'animal cruelty' letters in prison, reports from Manchester said.

Cummings asked: 'Are you being serious or are you making fun of the proceedings?', to which he replied 'No, no, I'm being serious.'

Stapleton said the tattoo had several meanings, including signifying the wearer had killed someone, and that he told staff at the tattoo shop that he had killed his goldfish.
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