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Bidhannagar cops to install smart security alarm for women’s safety

The Global Positioning System (GPS) of the alarm will help the cops to spot the location and instruct the patrolling van to rush towards the area. Taking lessons from a recent incident when a girl was abducted, raped and thrown out of the car at Salt Lake, the Bidhannagar police will now introduce a ‘smart alarm’ with necessary GPS facilities.

The Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) will provide all the necessary help to the police. The burglary alarm or theft alarm may be quite common terminology nowadays, but smart alarm for protecting women in the street is not so common, said most of the Salt Lake residents.

“It is always better to have things like this on the pavement. Unlike Kolkata, this township has been quite different in nature.”

“Streets are not so populated in the afternoon and night. The Smart alarm would be helpful I am hoping,” Debasree Mitra, a Salt Lake resident. 

A top police official of the Bidhannagar said: “These alarms would be installed on the pavement near light posts – in those specific locations where it will be needed. By pressing the button on it, the nearby traffic outpost and even police station would be alerted and they will rush to the spot.”

“Although, the project is in the state of planning, we have discussed the matter with administration to get the principal nod. We also had meetings with some private company to provide technical assistance,” the officer added.

However, the township, which houses various information technology and electronic firms, government universities, college campuses, private engineering and management colleges – has many previous records of eve-teasing and women harassment. 

Police had taken stringent action against the offender and they were lodged behind the bar.
The Bidhannagar police have recently come up with guidelines for the residents of how they could avoid the wayward and road ruffians, if they accidentally meet them in such a situation. Some necessary phone numbers have also been given.

“Our lady police officers are active and we have a separate police station for cases related to woman’s harassment,” the officer added. 

Meanwhile, the police have conducted an operation where women officers in civil dress have managed to arrest 71 eve-teasers from three sectors of the Salt Lake.  “Most of those roadside Romeos were intercepted from City Centre – 1 and Sector V,” said a women cop.
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