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Bidhannagar Commissionerate to enroll identities of domestic helps in Salt Lake

In a fresh initiative, the Bidhannagar Commissionerate decided to enroll the identities of domestic helps working in different houses of Salt Lake.

Though the police had earlier taken similar initiatives to register the names and original addresses of 
the household maid servants, the existing database was found to be old and needed to be updated.

Meanwhile, investigators at the Bidhannagar Commissionerate recently unearthed a burglars’ racket in 
which five women who earlier worked as domestic help in different households were arrested.

“We have made a form, which will be available in printed and digital format. We’ll start distributing the forms among the owners of the houses. They will fill up the form and submit it to the police station,” said a police source.

“The form will have the details of the domestic help, including original address and recent photograph and special identity marks,” the source added.

Meanwhile, some old police records revealed interesting facts. The investigators found domestic helps were involved in 50 per cent of burglaries took place in Salt Lake.

They leaked the information to the burglars which helped them find an easy way to enter the houses.

“They were given money to provide information. In some cases, we found domestic helps were still working in the house in which burglary took place. But the house owners had no idea about their role,” said the source.

Most of the domestic workers come from South and North 24 Parganas to work at Salt Lake. “Our intention is not to put blame on innocent workers. Most of them are trustworthy and they have been providing their service for years,” said the source.

The investigators believe that there are rackets within the domestic workers’ circle which provides information to the burglars.

“We have been tracking those rackets for some months. Some of these domestic helps change their names to get a job here,” another police source said.

The police also learnt that there were several agencies, which supplied domestic help to households which are involved in those rackets. The role of those agencies is now under the scanner of investigators.

“Most of these agencies took big amount of money from their clients. They supplied domestic workers to these households. But those domestic helps play the role of an informer to burglars. The agencies receive money from those rackets,” revealed the police source.
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