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Biases spread across 70 mm

Oliver Stone’s JFK hit theatres across the world on 20th of December 1991. Based on the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, this movie won two Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing. Stone received a Golden Globe for Best Director.  This movie grossed US$ 200 million worldwide and yes, it did not celebrate the happenings of 22nd November, 1963 when one of America’s most powerful presidents, was shot dead during a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.

In the focus now is an unreleased Punjabi movie, Kaum De Heere (Gem of Community), which allegedly got the censor board nod after a bribe of one lakh rupees was given to film certification board chief.  The government of India has stalled the release of this movie as it  glorifies the murder of Indira Gandhi at her Safdarjung Road residence on 31st October, 1984 by her two bodyguards Satwant Singh and Beant Singh.

The movie attempts to venerate Sikh valour, which came as a counter reaction after Mrs. Gandhi gave a go ahead for Operation Bluestar. In a one of its kind move, the Indian premier ordered the military to step inside the Golden Temple in Amritsar to evacuate Sikh militants who had taken refuge inside. The riots that ensued after Mrs. Gandhi was shot made thousands of Sikhs lose their life. India cannot afford another round of ethnic clashes now by glorifying hostility in a film.

In a multicultural nation where people from diverse backgrounds live, it becomes imperative for the government to take such a step. This movie shouldn’t have been made in the first place. There is no point eulogizing one of the darkest chapters in Indian history and we should bury the ghosts of the 1984 riots and start afresh. There is much to be achieved collectively and sulking over the past shall certainly stall the progress that India so desperately needs.
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