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Bhushan mounts blistering attack on Modi govt

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader, here to campaign on the platform of Anti-Corruption Movement, also alleged that the Narendra Modi government had plans to rollback some progressive legislations brought in by the previous UPA regime.

“There are four dangers under this rule. They are communalism, obscurantism, fascism and anti-people pro-corporate economic policies,” Bhushan alleged.

Accusing the affiliates of the BJP of indulging in rampant communalism, Bhushan told reporters that Prime Minister Narendra Modi might not have direct involvement in this but was “granting permission to his ground-level workers to do this thing.”

Taking a dig at the government’s approach towards science and history, he said: “those in the government are consciously replacing experts with obscurantist people in institutions and they are pushing us to the stone age.”

Some people-friendly legislations like RTI Act, MNREGA schemes, Forest Right Act and amendments to Land Acquisition Act brought out by the previous government were under threat, he said.

Though no major scam had hit the government in its seven-month rule yet, nothing appeared to have happened at the institutional level to check corruption, he said.
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