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Bhagini Nivedita College scraps physical education

Even as Indians fret over poor performance by Indian athletes in Rio Olympics, a Delhi University college has scrapped a physical education course which was taught to third-year students enrolled in the B A programme course. Principal of Bhagini Nivedita College, Purbi Saikia, had on August 17 issued a notice requesting students to take other options instead of physical education.

Students who want to pursue this course were upset when this notice came out. “I am interested in physical education and I want to pursue higher studies in this subject. I don’t understand why I am denied the subject of my choice,” said Astha, one of the students.

“Physical education course was taught smoothly for four years and the principal, for reasons known best to her, unilaterally decided to remove this course which was on of the elective subjects available to third-year students,” said Mamta Sahrawat, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education of the College.

“Nothing is far from true. Physical education is not an academic subject for our college. I have to ask the University to run the course here. Moreover, Sahrawat has no academic responsibility at college, she was appointed as sports and games teacher,” said Purbi Saikia.
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