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Beyond the naked eye

Beyond the naked eye
Nature has no boundaries. The more you try to explore it, the more it makes you realise your rawness. And then the search for the unknown takes the form of an art. Works by artist DP Sibal, who is primarily inspired by nature, is being exhibited at the Hungarian Culture Centre. The exhibition that kicked off on 21 March showcases twenty of his paintings.

Great art picks up where nature ends. Justifying this famous qoute of Marc Chagall, Sibal’s works are embeded in nature. We got to talk to the artist. Read on to know more...

What are your major influences?
I think my childhood is the biggest influence for me, being a child I was always surrounded with lush green spaces, peacocks used to come on our roof tops. Clear skies with endless shining stars as if we were living admits nature unlike today where greenery is shrinking and pollution had taken over the night skies, these all have inspired influenced me time to time to relive the beauty of childhood gone by.

What is the theme of your painting?
I have always painted on nature as a theme and this time I'm exploring natures unknown dimensions, going a step ahead into the vastness of the cosmos, the unknown spaces which are 'beyond the naked eye'.

Do you follow a particular style of painting?
I think freedom is the style of my work, to have no boundaries when painting, being able to express limitlessly and  have a vibrancy in the colours is my style.

What is the uniqueness of your work?
Well uniqueness is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone interprets art in their own way which is unique by itself.

What  message do you want to convey through your pieces?
The message we focus on the beauty nature holds, which we miss in the rush of today's times and think how to preserve nature for generations to come so they can inherit the beauty it has to offer.

What lies next in the pipeline?
Difficult to answer right away, my love for natures remains strong, I'm thinking of the moon and planning to showcase different dimensions of the moon. I guess that might be what is in pipeline.
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