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Beyond borders, India and China talk shop

Despite the ‘urge’ shown by both India and China to resolve border and water disputes, resolution still looks far fetched. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday acknowledged in New Delhi that ‘there are problems’ as Manmohan Singh said ‘lessons have been learnt’. Both sides vouched to further measures for maintaining peace and tranquility along their border. But whether a ‘consensus’ has been reached remains debatable.

Former Indian Ambassador Lalit Mansingh said, ‘Our Prime Minister was up front and raised major issues of border and Brahmaputra water river. These are positive signs but if anyone thinks that our issues are resolved it is not right. The real outcome of Li’s visit will be clear only when his declaration and concessions at the end of his Pakistan visit are seen.’

Meanwhile, after discussions on ‘mutual interest and concern’ covering a wide range of issues including boundary dispute, trans-border rivers and trade deficit, India and China firmed up eight agreements to enhance cooperation in a range of areas including trade, culture and water resources.

Addressing a joint press meet, the two leaders acknowledged their talks had been ‘candid’ and ‘frank’. Noting that they ‘took stock of lessons learnt from the recent incident in the western sector (Ladakh), when existing mechanisms proved their worth’, Singh announced, ‘We have tasked our special representatives to consider further measures that may be needed to maintain peace and tranquillity along the border.’
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