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Beyonce hits back at Fulk

Beyonce hits back at Fulk
Pop star Beyonce has hit back at claims she plagiarised a filmmaker’s idea for Lemonade, by filling a motion against Matthew Fulk’s lawsuit.

Fulk’s lawsuit claims that Beyonce’s film is “substantially similar” to his 2014 short film Palinoia, but Beyonce says the two films have completely different narratives, reported TMZ.

Beyonce’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss, urging the judge to toss out Fulk’s lawsuit.

“A straightforward comparison of the parties’ works provides a textbook example of what does not constitute legally cognizable claim of infringement,” read the motion.

“Palinoia is about a tumultuous relationship that is now over. The protagonist is a white male and his former lover is a white blonde woman. 

“The demise of their relationship is oblique, and is not tied to infidelity,” the motion continued.

In June, Fulks had filled the lawsuit, saying that over 39 seconds of the trailer have a collection of images similar to ones in his movie, including characters in front of graffiti-covered walls, red tinted images, dimly lit parking garages and closeup shots of overgrown grass. Fulks is also said to have alleged that a Senior VP at Columbia Music, Beyonce’s record label, saw Palinoia sometime in 2015 and he believes that executive stole his ideas to use for Lemonade, which started shooting at the end of 2015.


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