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Beware of bad company

Beware of bad company
My cousin sister is mixing with very wrong kind of friends. She’s 17 and we are terribly worried. Please advise.
Raj Mathur, Lucknow

Just sit down and have a discussion with her. Explain and express your concern and worry. This explanation should be like a friend and not like a guardian. Help her understand life and help her fix her dreams. Remember, always treat her like an adult and be a friend to her. 
Good luck!

My wife and my mother are always arguing and fighting. I feel helpless. What should I do?
D Gupta, New Delhi

You are in a sandwich situation. Both these relationships are very important and you have to be very careful in handling the emotions of the two women. Firstly, try not to take “sides” and always be neutral. Ignorance can be bliss at times. If not, judge the situations and then handle it. If nothing is working start your family set up independently (if you live with parents) or else change the city. As a husband, please be sensitive about your wife’s expectations. She needs your support and shoulder.

My parents got divorced when I was a kid. I live with my father. My mother is remarried and I really miss her presence in my life. I’m 17 now. What to do?
Reena Kulkarni, M.P

There’s nothing much to do. You can perhaps express yourself to your parents and take turns to live with them. The understanding has to be clear from their end. You must spend quality time with both your parents and request them to help you sort out your life and be a happy soul. Life is sometimes unfair and we all have to adjust. Please take care and be good.

I have erotic dreams every night. I dream of strippers and whores. Is it abnormal?
Name unknown

The line between normal and abnormal is too thin. What might seem normal to you, might look absurd to others. I suggest, you read some good books or watch some television programmes or films before you sleep. Fill your mind with healthy thoughts. Dreams are nothing but the extension of the thoughts we gather. Watching constructive things might help your mind to clear eroticism. Everything in life is fine as long as it helps you remain positive and happy.

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