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Bengal’s best at a gallery near you

 MPost |  2012-10-31 22:32:48.0  |  New Delhi

Bengal’s best at a gallery near you

During the durga Puja, the Capital got to witness more creative streaks from the City of Joy. Calcutta-based gallery Akar Prakar got together with a bank and Round Table India to showcase a series of artworks by artists from Calcutta that started from 13 October.

The exhibition consists of paintings by major contemporary artists from Bengal and targets young, upwardly mobile audiences, who look at art also as investment. Some of the artists whose works are being displayed are Beena Pradhan, Shipra Bhattacharya, Subrata Gangopadhyay, Suvaprasanna and Sanat Kar. There are a total of 15 artists.

'The exhibition is mostly an introduction to art for clients of the bank's Gurgaon branch. It has a mixed bag of artists — from young promising artists to masters,' says Reena Lath, CEO, Akar Prakar. 'The exhibition represents artists who would appeal to the new Indian art investor,' adds Lath.

The artworks include some of the very well known Bengal masters such as Paritosh sen, Sanat Kar, Suvaprasanna as well as some young artists such as Atin Basak, Mahajabin and Subir Dey.

Lath maintains that the common theme for the exhibition is that all the artists are from Bengal. And no, none of the artworks were specially created for the exhibition. Rather, all of them have been taken from the gallery's stocks. 'There is no specific curation except for a broad theme,' says Lath.

So if you want more of Bengal, head to Gurgaon.



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