Bengal tiger chosen as election mascot in South 24-Parganas

Bengal tiger chosen as election mascot in South 24-Parganas
The district administration of South 24-Parganas has taken up an elaborate arrangement so that more number of people can participate in the election process. 

Among the various other new initiatives the most important is the introduction of mascot.

As the district is a home to the Royal Bengal tigers, the senior administrative officials in South 24-Parganas has chosen tiger as election mascot. 

Following the instruction from the Election Commission (EC) all the districts have selected their mascots according to their own choice. 

The purpose of selecting mascot was to attract more number of voters to the polling booths.

A senior administrative official from South 24-Parganas said that they were lucky enough to have the national animal as their election mascot. 

“The largest Sunderbans delta is situated in South 24-Parganas which is the home to the Royal Bengal tiger. 

Hence we thought that tiger would be the most appropriate creature which can represent the district. 

“Banners and festoons have been put up throughout the district featuring the mascot to attract more people to the polling booths. The administration has been taking all the necessary action to conduct the elections peacefully,” a senior official said.

The EC has introduced the new theme to make the entire election process more lively and acceptable to the people. 

Attracting young voters is another aim of the Commission. As per the instruction of the Commission, all the districts have launched their mascots like red panda, rhinoceros, dolphin and Teesta River.

Rich natural heritage in geographically diverse state has found representation as the election mascots. 

This will attract more number of voters in the assembly elections.
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