Belle Vue to set up two new hospitals and nursing college

Belle Vue to set up two new hospitals and nursing college
Belle Vue Clinic has decided to come up with a multi-speciality hospital, an eye hospital and a nursing school-cum-college at Rajarhat after receiving accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH).

Belle Vue Clinic is the oldest health care unit in the city and it would be completing its 50 years in service in 2017. It is the ninth health care unit in the city to get the NABH accreditation after fulfilling the criterions that include 636 objective elements, 102 standards and 10 chapters. Five of the 10 chapters include care for the patients once he or she enters the premises of the health care unit.

As per the expansion plan of the Belle Vue Clinic authorities, the multi-speciality hospital, the eye-hospital and the nursing school-cum-college will come up on two separate plots at Rajarhat. 

The multi-speciality hospital with 400-beds will come up on one of the plots at a cost of Rs 400 crore. 

In another plot the 100-bed eye hospital and the nursing school-cum-college with 400 seats for each year will be constructed. Cost of each of the project is Rs 50 crores.

The construction work of all the three projects will continue simultaneously and the work is expected to start from January 2017. 

The Belle Vue authorities have fixed 2020 to be the deadline by which all the three projects will be completed and functional.

Along with all departments that a multi-speciality hospital must have, “special emphasis” will be given on trauma care facility and all necessary steps will be taken in this regard, said the Chief Executive Officer of Belle Vue Clinic Pradip Tondon.

He said shortage of nursing staff is a major problem for all hospitals and nursing homes. 

Construction of the nursing school-cum-college will help in improving the situation as after every three years 400 nurses will pass out from the institution. 

“Many male nurses from South India are working successfully at present. We also have plans to provide training to male nurses in the institution. 

“We are waiting for the nod from the local council. If everything goes as planned, 80 out of 100 students will be female and rest 20 seats will be for male nurses,” Tondon said.

The bed capacity in the existing unit of the Belle Vue Clinic will go up by 70 including 30 for nephrology dialysis and 40 for day care. There are 287 beds at present.

In connection with receiving NABH accreditation, Tondon said: “It is easier to construct a new set up following the guidelines that one has to follow to receive the accreditation. 

“But collective effort of all members of the Belle Vue Clinic has made it possible to get the accreditation by implementing the necessary changes required and we had initiated the work to get NABH accreditation after receiving the certificate of National Accreditation Board for Laboratory (NABL).”
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