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Being single and happy

Being single and happy
I am in 10th standard and want to be a dancer. My parents refuse to understand my dreams! I don’t want to study after 12th. How to convince them?
Raj Soni, Jaipur
Convincing parents to quit studies might actually be a war and finally you can end being the loser. If I was you, I would have held onto my dreams and at the same time concentrated on finishing my basic education. You surely can choose any <g data-gr-id="82">career</g> but right now your priority should be education. Time is irreversible and you should balance both. In that case in near future, you can have the best of both the worlds! Good luck.

I’m a single woman and a virgin. At 26, is this abnormal? My cousin insists that I should visit a doctor as he feels that I lack normal urge.
Dilpreet, New Delhi
The drive or urge varies from person to person. I’m not sure whether you have had <g data-gr-id="87">relationship</g>/s in the past. Ideally, if you feel love, you tend to make love. That is natural. Love cannot be physically extended if you don’t feel the chemistry and spark. Don’t let external pressure control you. Live happily and be sure that it will happen when it has to. There is no perfect age or season to lose your virgin hat. As long as you remain happy do what makes you feel best. Just chill and enjoy life as it unfolds.

I always land up with a wrong man which eventually leaves a bad taste. Is something wrong with me in particular?
Name unknown
Sometimes there is a subconscious part of us that draws us to particular people who trigger a familiar feeling. We think it’s chemistry when the fireworks go off, but what’s actually happening is that your inner drama queen is having a field day. <g data-gr-id="70">May be</g> you’re bored with the nice guys and crave attention from the man who acts disinterested.

Some people think they will never have chemistry with someone “nice” and that could very well be true. If you don’t change your partner selection mechanism, you will subconsciously choose the same heartache every time. You will ignore the obvious indications, believing, that “this relationship” will be different … but nothing changes. Don’t take <g data-gr-id="78">stress</g>. Enjoy each experience with a positive frame of mind. There should be a right man and  the right time will definitely connect you both.

My brother is 14 and loves eating baby powder! How to stop?
Tamanna, Nagpur
At first I thought this question was a joke, but while searching the internet for an answer I realised this is a serious problem that a lot of people have! And while I’m not a doctor (or anything close!) this is what I’ve found out simply from reading what other people have said to others with your problem. Most baby powder contains gypsum, which has trace amounts of asbestos and is surely not the best mineral to be eating! This would be carcinogenic over a long period of time and in the short run could cause intestinal blockage, which is a medical emergency and very painful. The best thing you can do is to substitute corn starch or some other harmless starch for the baby powder. And in my own personal opinion you should talk to a doctor about this. So just because nothing has happened to him yet (that you both know of) – doesn’t mean its a good idea to keep doing it. I hope you found the answers <g data-gr-id="88">your</g> looking for! Do share some data on the subject with him that might evoke fear. Best wishes.

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