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Because bamboo’s got a logic!

Because bamboo’s got a logic!
Attracting large number of visitors, the National Bamboo Expo Mart (Baans Bazar) being hosted at Dilli Haat Janak Puri concluded yesterday. The three-day event was organised by National Bamboo Mission, coordinated by Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission and was held in collaboration with Delhi Tourism.

The Baans Bazar was inaugurated by Prabhu Dayal Meena, Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.

Baans Bazaar showcased variety of bamboo applications for visitors and presented the grass as a wonder plant. Large potential in country’s indigenous bamboo creations was uncovered at this informative and extensive event.

Artisans, entrepreneurs and state bamboo missions from India took part to present their bamboo innovations and draw people towards shaping the endeavors into successful business models.

Interestingly, Delhi Tourism’s Dilli Haat Janak Puri also demonstrates the application of bamboo in its architecture.

The expo that started on 28 November was a unique exhibition cum sale suggesting bountiful uses of the bamboo grass.

Attractive entrepreneurship ventures and expertise undertaken by the rural artisans and entrepreneurs were on display. The creators of these innovative products were given a direct opportunity to interact with the stakeholders. The event aimed to promote the vibrant bamboo industry and uncover the hidden potential of bamboo applications.

Nearly 100 stalls along with bamboo growers, sellers, artisans, users, entrepreneurs, architects and others of the industry were at the venue offering an unmatched exploration opportunity of bamboo commerce. More than simply being a buyer-seller meet, the Baans Bazar had special stalls for artisans, entrepreneurs and NGOs. Bamboo artisans were given training through workshops scheduled at the venue. The exposition not only acted as a strong buyer-seller meets but also informed people about the unique concepts such as bamboo cuisine (bamboo pickle, rice and shoots). The theme of this event was ‘Green Consumerism - The Bamboo Way’.

Bamboo, as a wonder plant offers sustainable green alternatives to counter the ever-growing consumerism.

Right from nurturing an indoor bamboo plant to using it in buildings and even flooring them, this woody grass has plentiful applications.

The international community is widely using the bamboo crop for making modern day products like mobile phone covers, steering wheels, speakers, weapons, furniture, musical instruments, sporting equipments etc.

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