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Beauty isn’t make up

Beauty isn’t make up
I hate wearing <g data-gr-id="81">make up</g>. My boyfriend insists on it and we land up fighting. <g data-gr-id="79">Please</g> advice.
Pooja, Agra
This surely looks like a <g data-gr-id="77">problem</g> but you can sort it <g data-gr-id="76">out,</g> if you choose to.
Your boyfriend seems like someone who wants you to look prettier and better. This doesn’t appear to be an offensive request. If you value his emotions, you surely can pay attention to his words. Relationships would need its share of compromise. It’s either him or you who has to bend. The decision lies with both of you. Sometimes we do things just to make our loved ones happy. Isn’t it? Wish you good luck. Cheer up!

Our classmate stinks of sweat and seems to be absolutely unaware of it. Please help place this to her so that we are relieved.
Name unknown
I would tell you to be downright blunt with the person whose body odor is somehow offensive. If you see – or smell – someone close to you that is off the grid with their odor, it’s your duty to tell her. Same goes for if they have something in their teeth, if their fly is down, if they have a spill or stain on their shirt. Whatever the case may be, proper friends let each other know the truth and odor is one of them. If you choose to go this route, you have to be honest but discreet. Don’t point it out around others and don’t do it very loudly so someone else will hear. Pull them aside, and tell her. Offer them some cologne or perfume and if you don’t have any, at least let them know so they can take the next steps. It’s not your job to make them smell better, but it is your job to let them know something is “up in the air.” You can also drop a small note on the desk with a polite message too.

I have just delivered a baby and have put on weight. My husband is avoiding me since then.
Can you guide.
Mrs. Mehra, New Delhi
Are you absolutely sure that there are no other reasons for your husband to ignore you? Post childbirth, women are anyways sensitive and there could be some other reason too! I suggest, speak to him and propose a plan of yoga, gym or walks together. Visit a proper dietician and take care of your diet. Alongside, don’t let love fade and do everything to keep the romance alive. Sometimes a hug or kiss might also do <g data-gr-id="84">wonders</g>. Concentrate on your relationship and enjoy the joyride.

Our only son has developed major drinking habits. He regularly comes home in an unstable condition. What should we do? He’s into his business.
Mrs and Mr. Singh, Haryana
You should have a breakfast table chat with him. As parents, express your concern in a friendly manner. Try to understand his reasons for drinking so much. Don’t get into any argumentative mood. Look and sound hurt but not nagging. Parents, their precious teardrops, sincere requests and endless love sometimes have huge healing effects on kids. You can also take some inputs from your doctor who can advise you ways to treat alcoholism. Seek professional help from rehabilitation centres, if needed. Good luck!

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