Beauty is only skin deep

Beauty is only skin deep
Monsoon is here with the heavy downpour and a host of problem for hair and skin. During this damp season people tend to ignore their skin without realizing that often, increase in the humidity causes more damage to the skin.

 Remember that skin cells turnover increases during summer leading to the pile up of dead skin by the time monsoon begins. After bearing extreme heat leading to tans and itchy skin during the sweaty and stinky summer days, the arrival of Monsoon gives a sigh of relief.  

Make sure to exfoliate the skin well during this season. For this we can use the light, oil-free moisturizer that has lactic or kojic acid. During monsoon the strange and sudden increase in humidity make the skin oily, dry and dehydrated. 

This happens due to change in the ph level of the skin which makes it unstable. Hence it is very essential to take care of our skins during this season to look fresh and beautiful. It's very easy for dust particles to settle down on the skin during monsoon which eventually damages the soft toned skin.

 Thus in order to avoid the harsh treatment of moist rainy weather follow some tips suggested by Dermatologist Dr Meghna Gupta to make your skin healthy in the monsoons –

Follow the basic mantra of CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing).

Keep the skin moist and wash it regularly to get rid of excess oil and dirt.

Soap free cleansers and scrubs are to be used to maintain the soft texture of the skin.

After cleansing toning is needed, alcohol free toners are suggested as high humidity could open up the skin pores. 

A good anti bacterial toner will go a long way to prevent skin infections and eruptions.

Many people stop using sunscreens as the weather becomes cool but do not stop using it even if it is cloudy.

Facial and bleaching make the skin rough, thus try to avoid them.

Heavy makeup is a blunder during this season. You can use soothing balms or light moisturizers that does not stick on your face to make you feel light.

After moisturising the skin, use exfoliating gels or creams containing folic acids AHA and BHA.

One thing apart from everything is to drink plenty of water as much as you can during monsoon to make the skin look good and flawless.

Regularly clean the skin and use vegetal exfoliate to lock the skin pores.

If prone to acne this is a bad season, wash the skin with a good cleanser continuously to avoid extra oil.

One can also use home made scrubs for cleansing made up of chick-pea flour (commonly called besan ) mixed up with honey, milk, lemon that rejuvenate the skin and leaves it look glowing and fresh.

Waxing, pedicure and manicure is always recommended, as they  clean the skin leaving the skin looking well-toned, glowing and soft.


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