Be tough in issuing driving licences, CP urges transport dept

Be tough in issuing driving licences, CP urges transport dept
Police commissioner Rajeev Kumar on Monday urged the state transport department to take necessary steps to ensure that only the deserving persons should get deriving licence.

Kumar, while inaugurating Traffic Safety Week at PTS, said: “Driving a vehicle is not enough, one should have proper driving sense,” he remarked. A driver should know the meanings of signs like “no overtaking” no “U turn” etc and at the same time one should also know under what circumstances barricades and bumpers are put up.

Kumar said highest number of road accidents in the world took place in India and majority of the victims were youth. In West Bengal, more than 400 youth die in road accident.

He said in every country issuing a driving license was not easy as the person had to undergo several tests. 

“But here the case is just opposite. A person has to run from pillar to post to get a passport while getting a driving license is no big deal,” he pointed out.

Kumar pointed out that imposing fine on a person riding a two wheeler without helmet was not enough, he should be asked to go home to bring the helmets. 

Many schools are participating in the weeklong programme where intense drive to create traffic awareness will be undertaken. 

It may be recalled that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had said that only graduates would be allowed to drive vehicles to avert road accidents. There was uproar in the country and finally he had to withdraw his proposal.

Senior police officers said many people were driving vehicles fitted with 2.5 litre engine and above without proper driving sense. 

Most of these vehicles have automatic gear and the cars accelerate within seconds. 

“To handle these vehicles, sharp road sense need to be developed and appearing for driving tests in every five years should be made mandatory,” he said. 
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