Be brave: Robbie Williams' advice for Zayn Malik

Be brave: Robbie Williams advice for Zayn Malik
The 42-year-old "Party Like a Russian" hitmaker said Malik has to be confident enough to do things, reported Femalefirst.

"To young Zayn, well he's kind of been pulling out of promo and stuff. And I know that he suffers with anxiety. And I think that, the one bit of advice, I know it's a bit therapy speak but I think that people sort of assume that one day you're gonna find your confidence and you will step into that confidence and it will find you," Williams said.

"It doesn't come but what you can be is brave. So, I would say to Zayn, just be brave mate. Just be brave. You might never be confident but you can be brave... Even if you're scared just do it anyway.


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