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BCCI units came with improper authorisation letters: Sources

 PTI |  2016-09-30 17:54:33.0  |  Mumbai

BCCI units came with improper authorisation letters: Sources

The adjourned SGM, which is to consider adoption of sweeping reforms in BCCI suggested by the Justice Lodha Committee, most of which have been upheld by the Supreme Court, will now commence tomorrow at 12 noon.

"A few associations' secretaries came without carrying any document authorising them to not only attend the meeting but also take a decision on behalf of their association. Some others came with authorisation letters which also contained requests for their stay and return flight bookings," said a source who came to attend the meeting.

"It was learned that 15-16 member associations had come without proper documentation which forced the BCCI top brass to adjourn the meeting after just "5 to 10 minutes,", sources said.

"This is a matter that concerns the Supreme Court, so we wanted to do everything in proper fashion," informed a senior BCCI functionary.

The BCCI currently has 31 full members including the suspended Rajasthan CA, plus associate units from the North East region of the country as associate members without voting rights.

"We have been told to get the documents worded properly as it should contain only information on who is authorised to represent the association at the SGM and take a decision on its behalf. We have to get it signed and scanned and mailed to the BCCI.

"For example, if I am the secretary of my association, I cannot sign the authorisation letter. I have to get it done by some other authorised person from my association. It has to be scanned and then mailed to the BCCI before tomorrow," said another source.



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