Bauria Jute Mill reopens after 1 month shutdown

Around 6000 people have got back their jobs on Wednesday with the reopening of Bauria Jute Mill in Howrah after it remained close for around a month. 

The decision to reopen the factory was taken in a tripartite meeting that was held on Tuesday. 

The mill authorities and representatives of the workers attended the meeting in the office of the labour commissioner. The mill authorities have decided to clear the dues of the workers in phases and they have also given a patient hearing to the demands of the representatives of the workers. The mill authorities have assured to look into their demands. But both agreed to the point that opening the jute mill is the need of the time as livelihood of thousands of people are getting affected. A few days will take to make the mill fully functional and the production will also start shortly. Manoj Pramanik, a worker of the mill, said: “The workers are happy that the factory has been re-opened. The economy of the area is totally dependent on the jute mill. 

Apart from the family members of 6000 employees getting affected, several shops and eateries in the area remained close most of the days in the past one month.”

The mill was closed on February 16 following a dispute between the workers and the mill management over the payment of due bonus. As the matter had remained unsolved and the workers had threatened to stop working, the mill authorities had decided to suspend the work the next day. 

A large section of workers had attacked the officials of the mill finding the closure notice. They had also damaged valuables and some portion of the offices. 

A senior official of the district, who went to settle the issue, was also manhandled and his car was also damaged. 
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