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Bassi threatening Kejriwal with notices, alleges AAP

Bassi threatening Kejriwal with notices, alleges AAP
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday sharpened its attack on the Delhi Police, alleging that Commissioner BS Bassi has threatened Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with media statements and notices. 

The party has smelt a larger conspiracy behind Bassi’s vociferous actions as these statements have come in the backdrop of a special session of Delhi Assembly summoned by the Kejriwal government on July 28 to discuss ‘women’s security’ in the national Capital.

“Have you ever seen police threatening a Chief Minister on a daily basis through notices, statements, media interviews, happening in Delhi? Thanks to Mr PM (Prime Minister),” tweeted senior AAP leader Ashutosh. The party has also taken a strong exception of a statement made by Bassi, in which he had challenged Kejriwal for an open debate. 

AAP leaders, including Kejriwal, re-tweeted an article, which suspects that Bassi’s statements as part of a bigger conspiracy — “Are Bassi’s attacks on AAP part of a larger plot?” 

In the article, Bassi has been criticised for his arguments for favouring that the Delhi Police should remain under the Central government and questions if police in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar be brought under the Central government.

“I must read the article,” Kejriwal has re-tweeted.

“Police PROs in a hurry to attack the Delhi government failed to check the credentials of a blackmailer, who filed frivolous complaint on 1031 (Delhi government’s anti-corruption helpline),” tweeted Nagendra Sharma.  Shocking! Media chose to defame Delhi government’s 1031 ACB helpline on unauthorised leak provided by illegal occupant MK Meena without checking,” he added.

According to sources, AAP suspects the actions of ACB chief MK Meena against the helpline as a next step by Delhi Police to corner Kejriwal and his government.

The rift between Delhi Police and Kejriwal government is most likely to widen as Delhi government will bring a proposal to set up ‘commission of enquiry’ headed by a retired high court Judge to probe cases related to women security. “They don’t’ have power, only Parliament can pass any rule about Delhi police,” Bassi had said in an earlier statement.

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