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Bassi blames complainants for rise in crimes against women

It has been two years since the gruesome Nirbhaya gang-rape sent shock waves throughout the country. What is more worrying is the fact that  as many as five girls are raped daily in the national Capital till date. But Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi has taken it in his stride and says: “The fairer sex is more confident to report crimes against them these days than it was two years ago.”

It seems rather than accepting the failure to provide a safe environment to women in Delhi, the top officials are putting the blame of the sudden surge in crimes against women on the complainants who are approaching the police more frequently.

“After December 16, 2012, women feel more confident to report incidents as they have developed faith on Delhi Police,” Bassi added.

On the other hand, Bassi added that he would be satisfied only when there is zero crime against women in the city, adding “Society should also change, policemen have also been sensitised.”
Millennium Post had earlier reported that in 2013, as many as 1,398 cases were registered under sections of rape.

However, the number of cases have increased by 35% this year and till November 15, as many as 1,879 rape cases have been registered in the city.

As per records, on an average as many as five women are being raped in Delhi since January 2013 till date. Whereas, the statistics were different before Nirbhaya gang-rape incident. According to the data of 2012, 623 cases of rapes have been registered by the victims that means as many as two girls were raped daily in Delhi in 2012. The number of molestation cases has also gone up from 615 in 2012 to 3,347 last year and 3,932 cases (till November).

“In the last one year, we have imparted self-defence training to 14,000 women. The number of distress help lines which used to be 60 has been increased to 100. The woman help-line number 1091 which used to have four lines has been increased to 10,” Bassi told media persons on Tuesday.

During the press meet, Bassi distributed pepper sprays to women journalists. He also said they would be distributing pepper sprays to 1,000 women who had been given self-defence trainings in the recent past.
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