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Bard of Bengal on city stage

Bard of Bengal on city stage
Uttarayan paid homage to their founder and president Ashish Mukherjee through a collation of all of Tagore’s works that Mukherjee had directed in his lifetime. In a well directed mix of play-acting, recitation, songs and dances all woven together through a slideshow — the programme tied together the life of Ashish Mukherjee and the time he had spent in giving Uttarayan his gifts of creativity and recognition. 

Tomare Pronam, presented on 31 August at Shri Ram Centre Auditorium, picked excerpts out of Tagore’s best known works like Phalguni, Balmiki Pratibha, Chandalika, Shraban Gatha and Raktakarabi
. While some parts were enacted, some works were given the shape of a shruti natak — where the scenes were not enacted but instead recited and narrated. Along with song and dance sequences and the play excerpts a ‘Kabismaran’ [homage to Tagore] was also incorporated. 

All pieces chosen for Tomare Pronam were a part of Ashish Mukherjee’s directorial ventures since 1992. Each performance was ushered in by slideshows which carried old photographs from the earlier productions as well as Mukherjee’s life and times. Music director Sanjay Sarkar was the main force behind Uttarayan’s Tomare Pronam and he played the role of the blind ‘baul’ [street singer].
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