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The direct attack by Priyanka Gandhi on his cousin brother Varun Gandhi reflects poorly on the plight of the Congress’ ruling family and how it it is desperately attempting to turn the fortunes around for the party. The Gandhi families represent different ideological and political camps but had always in the past stayed away from directly targeting each other. They were even reported to be sharing cordial bonds and never in the past had they made negative remarks about each other. May be that is why, being the representative of rival political parties, the Gandhis have never contested against each other. Varun Gandhi had even refused to campaign against his brother Rahul in Amethi. However, Priyanka’s remarks against Varun broke the code. There have been instances where members of the same family who represent different political parties were pitted against each other but steer clear from direct personal. Priyanka’s attack comes at a time when the Congress party is expected to face its worst tally in Lok Sabha due to a strong anti-incumbency wave against it. The comment, although had a personal touch to it, was clearly politically motivated, hoping to shoo some voters away from the BJP. Priyanka’s rhetoric against Varun did more harm to her and Congress than good, resulting in what can be called another blame-game not just limited to family level but at party level. It might also jeopardise her chances just when she is speculated to play a bigger role in the party affairs to revive its sulking fortunes.

It also evidently proves that Congress’ Gandhis have fallen short of serious issues to bring up during the poll campaigns. Gandhis, being the first political family of India, are expected to be more mature politically and not indulge in mere rhetoric that too against its own family members. While the two political parties and their respective spokespersons try hard to boil up the controversy, Varun Gandhi has been keeping silent on the issue. It also remains to be seen whether he will answer back by campaigning against Rahul in Amethi against his earlier decision and further aggravate the matter?

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