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Baranagar godown gutted in major blaze

 MPost |  2016-02-14 02:08:08.0  |  Kolkata

Baranagar godown gutted in major blaze

Twenty one fire engines were pressed into action to douse the flame but they initially struggled to enter the spot due to the narrow lanes at Saket Nagar area Baranagar where the incident took place on Saturday morning.

No casualty has been reported in the incident. Fire Emergency Minister Javed Ahmed Khan said that an enquiry will be conducted to ascertain whether there was any fire fighting arrangement in the building. 

Action will be taken against those found guilty. The fire department officials have said that the fire originated at a plastic go-down housed at the third floor of a four storey building and later spread to some other go-downs of the same building situated close to the BT Road. The blaze spread rapidly as various inflammable materials were stored inside the factory. 

Disaster management personnel were also deployed to combat the fire. It was an old building where the fire took place. The impact of the blaze was so high that a crack developed in the building. Saket Nagar Residential Phase -I situated nearby was affected in the fire. Around 6-7 air conditioning machines at this residential complex were damaged and people became suffocated due to thick smoke that engulfed the area.

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