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Banks to remain closed for 11 days in July

With banks remaining closed for around 11 days, though not in a row, there are high chances of people facing inconvenience.

Besides Sundays, second and fourth Saturdays, the banks will remain closed on July 6 for Eid and again in the next week, many banks will remain close on two weekdays due to the strike on July 12 and 13. Again, there will another strike on July 29 protesting against privatisation.

This is the first time ever when the banks will remain close for so many days in a month.According to the experts, it will leave a deep impact on the functioning of the business houses as all sort of transactions will get affected with the banks remaining closed for several days.

ATMs go out of cash even after a day’s bank strike. Thus, people have to face inconvenience whenever, the bank will remain close at a stretch for two to three days.

At present a large number of people depend on the ATMs as they withdraw as much amount needed at a particular point of time.

The clearance of cheques also depends on the number of days banks remain operational. Thus, the service will get affected with banks remaining close for eleven day. The banks will get overcrowded on the days when they will remain open in the month of July as a large percentage of the customers of the banks will be visiting the branches to withdraw money on the same dates.

It is learnt that senior officials of the different banks held meetings to discuss over the problems that the people would face if the banks remain close for 11 days in a month. They are also planning certain measures to give a bit respite to the customers.

They are also trying to find way out so that a person should not face trouble to withdraw money if there is any acute emergency.

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