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Banks short of cash, senior citizens at their wits’ end

There is absolutely no relief from the cash crunch even after 28 days of demonetisation. The ramifications of the policy on the ground have been reflected in scenes of chaos, with people queuing up for hours outside banks and ATMs. The proper flow of cash is still awaited. 

Six new days have passed in the new month and pension has already been credited to the accounts. But the physically challenged and senior citizens have still not been able to withdraw money to fulfill their daily basic needs. Most of the banks and ATMs are running short of cash.

When physically challenged Islam from Greater Noida reached the bank, it was very obvious that the queues outside the bank horrified him. He, somehow, managed to grab a place for himself but even after standing there for several hours, he didn’t get any cash. 

“I lost one of my legs in an accident. A physically challenged person gets Rs 1,800 half yearly by the government. I have been coming here for the past three days to get some money for my treatment but due to shortage of cash, I am unable to get it,” he said. 

There are several other people like Islam who are struggling to get cash against their pensions. Separate queues for elderly, ladies and physically challenged are rarely seen anywhere. 

77-year-old Chandan Singh, a retired Indian Army officer, said: “I worked with the Indian Army serving my country for whole of my life. My pension is the only source of livelihood for me. At this age, it is impossible for me to stand in these long queues. Bank must make some special arrangements for old and aged people”.

The police also seemed busy in controlling the crowds rather than making special arrangements 
for the old and physically challenged people. 
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