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Banjo represents the community of artists irrespective of the field: Riteish Deshmukh

 It is about the underdogs and their struggles to gain respect for their talent. It is the portrayal 
of their fight to get the right platform to showcase their talent. 

The actor also talked about the plight of the artists  he came to know while doing research for the movie. 

In his words, “Banjo players are used like decorations. They play the musical instrument and get the money. Sometimes they get the money in their hand, other times they’ve got to pick up whatever is thrown at them. 

They are the ones who need money. Sometimes they are offered more money but it is accompanied by the condition that they have to pick the money up with the mouths.” He explained that these references have been added in the movie. There is a character in the movie who picks up  money with his mouth.

Describing his character in the movie Riteish said, “My character in the movie is not that of a common banjo player. 

He has a distinctive attitude. He is <g data-gr-id="269">aggressive,</g> and arrogant. All he wants is respect He can not play the banjo while sitting that is generally done by the other banjo player. He plays it while standing like a rockstar.”

He described Nargis Fakhri’s character in the film as “encouraging”. Nargis in the movie, tells him that so far  he had been playing <g data-gr-id="254">Banjo</g> to earn money. The moment he started playing for himself, he would earn respect. from others.”

When asked whether he thinks an underdog can achieve success at the first go, Riteish said, “Every person who is on top now once was an underdog.

The underdogs have got a fire in them that pushes them to achieve something bigger.” The actor also revealed that the Banjo is not a new instrument to him and that he owned  a banjo as a kid.

 “I was not very good at it like a professional. But I took up the challenge to play the character and have tried my best”, he said.

He also explained the other challenges he faced for the movie. Growing a beard and hair was one of them.

It took him almost four months to grow it. Since his character in the movie is a smoker, it was difficult for him to get into the character as he is a non-smoker.He used herbal cigarettes.

Producer Krishika Lulla and Nargis Fakhri were also present at the press conference.

Lulla said, “We have <g data-gr-id="257">tried</g> to be honest with the film and have shown only what is true.

We have done our best.” Ravi Jadhav directorial Banjo is set to release on September 23.

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