Banglar Mukh: New and improved govt website to be operational within July

Banglar Mukh: New and improved govt website to be operational within July
According to the sources, in the state’s Information and Cultural Affairs department, the website in its new form will be launched within July.

It may be mentioned that during the first press meet at Nabanna after taking oath for the second term, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said that the government will be more open so that the common people can know what are the steps taken up for their benefits.

It is learnt that the website www.banglarmukh.com will be a platform through which a person can easily know about the activity of the state government and can easily get detailed information about any of the departments and its activities.

The names and contact details of ministers and senior officials of all the departments were available in the existing form of the website. In the new version, it will not only have the details, but also the projects taken up by different departments.

Now, people need to visit the nearest government office or a people’s representative in their area to get information about a particular project or a scheme of the government but with the introduction of the website, people will no longer have to travel to get such information, through a single click people will know what they have to do to get benefit of a particular scheme.

In many cases, people can also download the forms to apply to get a particular benefit. Thus, the days of queuing up outside a government office to collect application forms is going to end very soon.
Web links of other important websites will also be available in the website.

 It is learnt that there will be web links of different corporations and nigams which will be helpful for traders and businessmen.The most important part of the website would be the section in which the daily update of different departments will be given; it will help the people to know the progress of various projects undertaken by the state government.



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