Banglar Fasal: State initiative to sell veggies at fair price

The state co-operation department has taken up a step to introduce Banglar Fasal, an initiative to sell vegetables at a fair price after procuring directly  from farmers.  It will be introduced at Barrackpore and gradually more stalls will be set up at different places across the state. The stall at Barrackpore will come up at June 22, said Arup Roy, the state Co-operation minister.

It may be mentioned that earlier a project similar to this kind called Sufal bangle was introduced. The project will be helpful to both the common people and farmers. The farmers will be benefitted as the state government will directly procure their cultivation directly from them and on the other hand common people will get vegetables at a fair price.

It will also help to curb the problem of unnecessary increase in the price of essential commodities as there will be no more intervention of middlemen.



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