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Ballygunge teen death: Murder case initiated

Police initiated a murder case against an unknown person in connection with the murder of Aabesh Dasgupta based on the complaint lodged by his mother with Ballygunge police station.

He was allegedly killed when he went to attend the birthday party of writer Amit Chowdhury’ daughter with sixteen other friends.

Though the police are yet to know the exact reason behind the murder, they suspect that rivalry with Aabesh over “his affair with a girl” might have led to the crime.

Sources said that the police detained a friend of the victim, who was present in on Saturday’s party till end, and he was interrogated at Ballygunge police station.

The youth is the only friend of Aabesh, who was not present in the hospital when the victim’s mother had reached. The police had asked the boy to narrate the incident that led to the death of Aabesh. It should be mentioned that autopsy experts visited the spot where the incident occurred after the post-mortem examinations.

It was learnt that during interrogation, the boy told the investigating officer that Aabesh had received injuries when he accidentally fell on a piece of a broken bottle. He claimed that no one had any rivalry with the victim. So there was no question of murdering him.

The preliminary investigation, however, revealed that there were several reasons for which Aabesh 
could have got engaged into scuffle with one particular friend. Police suspect that the “same friend was behind the murder though he probably only intended just to hurt him”.

According to a police officer, excessive bleeding after receiving the cut from under his armpit up to his chest had led to the death of Aabesh. “The wound was deep and it was not possible if someone accidentally falls on a broken bottle. It could only happen if someone had purposely attacked him with the broken piece of bottle,” said a police officer.

The victim’s mother, Rimjhim Dasgupta, claimed that the girl was introduced to Aabesh by one of 
his close friends.

The girl with whom he had an affair also told that she was introduced to Aabesh by the same friend 
of the victim.

Interestingly, father of the boy, who had introduced Aabesh with the girl, had contacted parents of both the victim and the girl. He told Aabesh’s mother that the girl is not of good nature and to not allow him to get mixed with her.

He had again contacted the girl’s mother and told that Aabesh is not at all a good boy and she shouldn’t allow her daughter to be in touch with him.

Thus, the police are looking in to the role of the childhood friend of Aabesh and trying to know why 
he had misinformed parents of the victim and the girl. The girl to whom Aabesh “had proposed” after coming in touch just one and a half month ago, admitted that the friends used to take alcohol during parties. She made another shocking revelation that the girl in whose birthday party Aabesh was killed was not at all known to him. “I wonder why he went to the party of a girl to who he didn’t know at all,” she said.

The police have also spoken to the employees of the club where they went at around 1.30 pm on Saturday. They stayed there till 3.30 pm. The police came to know that 17 teenage boys and girls had managed an entry against two members of the club and had lunch on the occasion of the writer’s daughter. The employees didn’t find anything suspicious in their movement and they had left the place in a joyous mood. Suspecting that the victim had got engaged into a scuffle after returning to Sunny Park and received the injuries during the brawl, the police had placed an order before the court to allow videography of Aabesh’s post-mortem.
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