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Balancing Life

Balancing  Life
We have been hearing about aphrodisiac – does it really work? My partner and I are very curious.

Name unknown, Kolkata

An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases physical desire. The food you consume can have a direct impact on your life, affecting your hormones, brain chemistry, energy and stress levels. Some food have psychoactive properties, others arouse because they are psychologically suggestive, and some can actually increase blood flow to the genitals. And if it does not have all that aphrodisiac effect, at least it's healthy and it will do you good. To name a few you can happily try asparagus, almonds, avocado, bananas, basil, chocolate and garlic. But, I really think that love is the best of all. If that is strong, the rest will just happen. Happy being in love.

I'm married. Coming new year, I want to balance work and home better. Can you give me some tips?

Devangshu, New Delhi
Balancing is surely very important. Here are few tips for you:
1. Understand the importance of drawing a line between work and home. Have a time schedule assigned for both.
2. Make sure that you don't use the master bedroom for your home office. The master bedroom should be off limits to computers and even televisions, if possible!
3. When you arrive home from work, give your spouse a big hug and kiss. Then spend some time talking together about how the day went. Don't do anything else till you do this. Closeness is mandatory.
4. Don't use your work schedule as an excuse to opt out on doing your share of the household chores.
5. Try to do one thing at a time.
6. Turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices that could interrupt you from spending time with your spouse and family.

Hi, I live alone in Delhi. My long hours are ensuring that my house is in a complete mess. I hate the look of it now. What to do?
Sakshi, Agra

If you don't put regular work into organizing and maintaining cleanliness in your home, you can expect disaster. First things first, pick a few hours a week to dedicate to cleaning up your home.

Hire help if you need it and can afford it, or find a way to actually enjoy the cleaning time, like watching TV or listening to music. Some people are naturally blessed with the ability to organize and stay organized but if you are not one of them, ensure you are a good manager who will be able to manage the domestic helps to put things in order. Start taking care of it and soon you will not find it hard to stay organised.

My wife snores a lot. I can't sleep at night. Please guide what can be done.
B Singh, Noida

There are some couples that choose to have separate bedrooms. It works for some people, happily. They may go to one bedroom to watch TV, read or get close and then go to sleep in their respective bedrooms.
Space in life is never a bad idea. You could also try to train a person to sleep on their side or stomach, which may help prevent snoring. You can prop pillows in a position so the snorer is on her side of stomach and can't flip onto their back (the position which snoring is most likely to occur).

You can nudge to turn her over, but if that doesn't work, it may be a sign that your partner has obstructive sleep apnea (a problem that should be evaluated by a sleep specialist). She should try and avoid alcohol and eating late at night because it leads to more snoring. To save your situation, you can also try earplugs. Good luck.

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