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Badaun girls’ death was suicide: CBI

On the basis of grilling of witness Nazru, also a distant relative of the girls, and other villagers, CBI pieced together the chain of events which led to the alleged suicide as concluded by it.

Giving events of May 27 when the girls went missing, CBI sources said the elder girl had an affair with local boy Pappu while her younger cousin was in know of it.

The sources said on May 27 morning, the younger sister called up Pappu from a mobile owned by the family demanding Rs 200 for a visiting a local fair to which the boy agreed and asked the sisters to come to a secluded spot for meeting.

During the day, the girls went to fair which was to continue for some more days.

In the evening around 9.30, the couple met behind the girls’ outhouse in the shield of some hutments while younger sister was on the watch.

CBI sources claimed that while they were about to enter in amorous activities, they were spotted by Nazru, who entered into a scuffle with the boy and threatened to expose the couple as he escaped from the scene.

While girls belonged to a dominant caste in the village with their community constituting about 25 per cent of population, the boy’s community was about four per cent.

After the incident, the girls, Pappu and Nazru fled from the scene. Pappu went to his home, while girls hid in fields, they claimed.

The sources said, meanwhile, Nazru reached the girls house but did not reveal that he spotted them with Pappu. Instead he raised a false alarm of thieves in the village to mobilise villagers.

“Nazru told us that he knew the action of the couple was consensual. He feared that the girls might put blame on him to save Pappu thus bringing him bad name. So he mobilised the villagers but did not reveal he spotted at the girls with Pappu,” a senior CBI official said.

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