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B-wood celebs slam Donald Trump

 IANS |  2017-01-11 19:49:40.0  |  Mumbai

B-wood celebs slam Donald Trump

Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor hailed Meryl Streep for taking on the US President-elect and after Donald Trump called her an “over-rated actor”. Sonam also dubbed Trump a “joker”.

Streep, honoured at the 74th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, slammed Trump in her acceptance speech. She spoke of how upsetting it was when he imitated a disabled reporter during a speech in 2015. Trump hit back, much to the dismay of artistes from across the world as Streep is one of the most respected actors. Having won the Oscar thrice, Streep has been nominated over a dozen times for the Academy Award. She is best known for roles in films like Mamma Mia!, The Devil Wears Prada, Silkwood and It’s Complicated.

Priyanka, who was at the Golden Globes, tweeted a photograph in which she is seen posing warmly with Streep. She captioned it: “Quoting my favourite Meryl Streep from last night. When you have a broken heart... turn it into art. You are astounding! Fan girl.”

Meanwhile, Sonam, known for her strong opinions, called Trump a “joker”, while actor Swara Bhaskar described Streep as a “brilliant woman” and Trump a loser. 

“Okay, India isn’t in such a bad way... This person is a joker... at least our leader has a semblance of intelligence,” Sonam tweeted. Swara wrote, “Let me complete that! She is a ... brilliant woman of great courage and integrity... Qualities you lack utterly and will never acquire! Loser Trump.”

Also, singer-composer Vishal Dadlani praised Streep for being frank.



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