'Awara' remake on the cards for Rishi-Ranbir?

Awara remake on the cards for Rishi-Ranbir?
Rishi Kapoor and his actor son Ranbir are getting ready to step into the former’s grandfather Prithiviraj Kapoor and father Raj Kapoor’s roles in an Awara remake.
And with the remake of Awara, the Kapoors’ illustrious home banner RK Films would be grandly revived.

Before that Rishi and his talented wife Neetu would be seen on the screen for the first time with their son Ranbir in Abhinav Kashyap’s Besharam.
Rishi let out the big secret plan for the great histrionic plan with Ranbir and said: ‘
was the testing ground for the two of us together on the screen. We would now like to do something deeper. A remake of my father’s Awara is on our minds. And in all likelihood, we will be doing it for our banner RK Films.’

Rishi won’t direct the neo-Awara. ‘No thanks. Direction is a thankless job. I don’t want to get into that space at all,’ said Rishi, who went behind the camera for Aa Ab Laut Chalen
.  ‘

I am very comfortable and happy as an actor. I just want to act. I am at peace with myself. I don’t have to think about anything except acting. I am having a ball. I’ve received loads of messages for my performance in Aurangzeb. I can’t be happier. The best most touching message came from Pam Chopra. I'll treasure it forever,’ said the 60-year-old.
As far as Besharam is concerned, one now hears that Rishi-Neetu’s roles are being broadened so that the audiences don’t feel cheated by the playing-time featuring Ranbir with his parents.

Said Rishi: ‘Both Neetu and I enjoyed working with Ranbir thoroughly. I had fun working with my wife and son. But I still feel there should be more of Neetu and I in Besharam. My only grouse in this otherwise-enjoyable experience was the length of our roles and Ranbir knows it.


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