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Australian elections on 7 September

Five weeks after he seized the Labor Party leadership, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd  on Sunday set 7 September as the date for the country's next parliamentary elections amid growing unemployment and budget deficit.

‘It's on. A few moments ago I saw the governor-general and asked that she dissolve this parliament and call the federal election for 7 September ,’ Rudd said in an email to Labor party members.
‘Australians now face a choice...And the choice couldn't be starker,’ Rudd said.
Earlier, Rudd flew in to Canberra this afternoon to visit the Governor-General and formally ask Quentin Bryce to issue the writs for a poll.

‘The time has come for the Australian people to decide on our nation's future,’ he told the media after arriving back at Parliament House.

The five-week campaign will see Rudd hoping to complete a comeback for the Labor Party after he first assumed the prime minister' office with his landslide victory over conservative leader John Howard in 2007 polls, which ended suddenly in mid-2010 when his Labor colleagues turned on him and voted in Gillard.

The 55-year-old Chinese-speaking former Beijing diplomat, described Australia as a ‘truly great’ country that was blessed with a strong economy and hard-working and creative people.
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