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Audience still keen to know about ‘hero’ first: Divya

Audience still keen to know about ‘hero’ first: Divya
 “We are a male dominated society where we want to know ‘who is the hero of the film?’. I am talking about the masses who first ask that and then, ‘oh so who’s the heroine?’. The heroine is always the plus. But a hero defines everyone’s characters or roles in the industry,” said Divya.

The Badlapur actor, who has carved a niche for herself by working in a variety of films, feels there is risk of getting “stereotyped” by the audience depending on the role an actor is playing with a male star in a film.

“You play a heroine once with a top hero, even if you don’t act for a long time, or change roles, you will always be the heroine because you worked with a star. You were opposite him,” she said.

“Even if you play a villain in a film, where you are not right to the man, you will always be a villain. You will be offered fifty thousand roles which are only that because you set an example by playing a negative character against the hero.” 

The 38-year-old actor, however, says even though there is a classification of male and female oriented films in the audience’s minds, if they are served with a good movie, they will lap it up irrespectively. 
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