Attention Please!

Attention Please!
When we asked these alternate rock band artistes about the inception of the band, they excitedly narrated a fairy tale. And just as their story, this band believes in making original compositions and are fun and power packed as their performances. Here are excerpts from a candid conversation we had before they went on to perform at Hard Rock Cafe this weekend . Read on...

What is the story behind the inception of the band?
 Once upon a time, in a land far far away (St.Xaviers college) Rohan and Ankit met in a bathroom during the college fest- Malhar. Later, Ankit asked Rohan to join the Jai Hind band that he was a part of and today we are here with a couple of line up changes here and there.

A band usually go through its set of ups and downs, how is your experience so far?
We've had our share of ups and downs, but we feel we've had it pretty good for the last 2 years. Even though we've had a recent lineup change, we feel we've recuperated fast and it has given us a whole new perspective. We're glad we can finally get back to doing what we love to do the most - playing gigs, everywhere.

Tell us about the chemistry you guys share off stage.
We started out with the band being the main connecting point between us. But over 2 years of being a band we've grown to become friends. Usually bands form due to friendship getting together to play music but we kind of did it in reverse.

Why there is no girl in the band, have you ever thought of including one?
We've had a female guest vocalist Vasuda Sharma, who is awesome and hyper-talented. But the band just fell into place so quickly that we didn't really put a lot of thought into genders and the possibility of a female member.

Tell us about your EP Attention Please?
Attention, Please! is a four track extended play (EP) that we released in January 2013, and is our first proper release. We're still pretty excited about it, it got the four songs that we were most confident about at the time. It was recorded at YRF with the Shantanu Hudliker and mixed by KJ Singh.

How has the response been?
It's been great. We did a little tour to promote the EP in January for it too. We got favorable reviews from critics from major publications. It was also great to see a lot of musicians we look up to like Bruce Lee Mani, Rahul Ram, Koco, Warren Mendonsa among others, supporting and encouraging feedback us with the piece.

What are the inspirations behind the tracks you make?
Well, it differs from track to track. But each track has its own vibe and the lyrics usually come from a personal place. We put up in a way that tracks are  relate-able to our audience.

What message you want to put across to the listeners by your music?
As commonly said, audience and artistes alike, we write and produce our own composition, we're very excited about being in the indie music scene right now. It's a time of change and we're very grateful to be part of it. We make music for the listeners and as an artiste it is important to have an audience to perform to. The more connected to audience we are, the better it gets. With more and more people supporting Indian Indie by buying songs, attending gigs and festivals its at a very interesting place and will make more interesting compositions.

Tell us about winning Best rock Artist by Radio City Freedom Awards?
It was exhilarating, we are still pretty kicked by it. K.J Singh, who produced the EP won the Indian Recording Artists Association award for Best Produced Band at the Palm Expo too.

Where are your next shows, any new tracks you guys are working on?
We're working on a couple of tracks with our new drummer, Joshua Singh. Apart from this gig we're playing for The Scene gig at Arc Asia in Pune with some other well-known bands. 
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