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Attention food lovers!

 Jhinuk Sen |  2013-09-16 21:02:56.0  |  New Delhi

Attention food lovers!

Delhi has no dearth of great places to eat, but here's a lowdown. Seven restaurants have been picked out for Restaurant Week India and foodies can be rest assured that they will not be disappointed. 

Scheduled for 23 September to 2 October, Restaurant Week India (RWI) is on its seventh round in the country. Restaurant Week originated in New York in 1992 and is now held in various cities in Europe, South America and even South East Asia.
This year's run of RWI includes Dakshin, Diva, Diva Kitsch, Sevilla, Pan Asian, Le Riviera and Prego. These restaurants will be offering a three-course prix fixe menu at Rs 1000 for lunch and Rs 1200 for dinner. Dakshin was our pick for the preview for RWI. The restaurant at Sheraton has enough awards in its kitty to make a statement. 

Known for cuisines from the south of the country, Dakshin dishes out a mean fare with some excellently done dishes. The pan fried fish is one of the dishes which gets all our votes. The simple but delectable vegetable stew that goes best with appams is a must try. Then of course there are the soft Malabar paranthas which go very well with the spicier non vegetarian dishes. We also tried the spicy dry lamb which the restaurant recommended as one of their top picks. 

The best part of the Dakshin experience was the open kitchen where appams are made right in front of you. The authentic south Indian coffee is also a must in Dakshin. And yes, the completely awesome serving of papads that Dakshin along with some incredible chutneys. It is almost impossible to keep your hands off them even after the food arrives. 

Keep up with us as RWI starts on good and proper by end of this month and as a reminder - general reservations for RWI starts online from 18 September. Go book your tables. 

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