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Atif is back

Atif is back
 In an Exclusive interview with Chayanika Nigam, the Pakistani singer and actor talks about his success, family, fans and upcoming projects. Read on...

After a long interval you performed in India. How was your experience?

Well, it was unbelievable! I was amazed to see such a huge crowd in Gurgaon. More than 18,000 fans gathered at the ground and I was over-whelmed after seeing the response. Since long I haven’t performed in India so fans here were eagerly waiting for my concert and they were excited to listen me live.

What was the reason behind taking such a long break?

Because of boundaries there are issues in travelling quite often. Beyond the boundaries issue it was my personal choice. I wanted to take a break after my marriage and I took a break. Now, I am back in action. And the concert in Gurgaon was the first platform for a come-back. Many more are in list.

Your recent song Jeena-Jeena is a big hit. How many songs have you play backed for the movie - Badlapur?

Jeena-Jeena is the only song I have done for this movie. I liked the lyrics, the music by Sachin-Jigar that is why I did this song. Apart from playing back for Varun Dhawan, the lead actor in Badlapur, I did a music video for this song. The video was shot in Dubai and was choreographed by Ahmed Khan.

Tell me something about your musical projects in Pakistan?
I have sung many songs in an upcoming movie called Ho Mann Jahaa, directed by Asif Raza. The music will be out in somewhere around August-September and it will be released by September end or in November first week.

Have you only sung for this movie or your fans would get a chance to see you acting again?
Hahahaa… Not this time! I have been hearing scripts but currently haven’t agreed to any one of them. I would rather sing than act. I am more comfortable in singing. Also, I am living my dream and want to continue living it.

What would you do if given a chance to be an actor in Bollywood?

I like Indian movies. They are all time favourite in all the homes in Pakistan. But personally if given a chance to act in Bollywood then I need a script related to music else it should have an ‘out of the box’ story-line. Only then, I would be a part of it.

Which Bollywood actress do you want to work with?
Deepika Padukone is always on the top of line. She is one of my favourite actresses. She is doing so well for herself. But when it comes to working with someone, I would rather prefer a fresh face, basically a new comer.

You have recently completed shooting for Coca-Cola TVC for World Cup 2015. Tell us more about it..

Many Pakistani singers have sung a promotional song for World Cup 2015 and I was a part of it. It’s not a brand endorsement, it’s a promotional song supporting Pakistani team to win this world cup.

What about your private album?
Me and my team are working on an upcoming private album. It will be too early to say anything about it as the album is in its pre-mature stage. But currently I am only focusing on play back singing.

After completion of your contract with Tips music, what are your upcoming songs?
We are in talks with many music directors but I can’t disclose them until any one of them get finalised.

Currently Arijit Singh has conquered Bollywood music. Do you treat him as a competitor or a colleague?

I would rather call him my colleague. But if you consider him my competitor then I won’t mind competing either as I love challenges and put my best efforts to win.

Would you be interested in season-2 of SurKshetra?
Of course, I will. In the first season I loved playing a mentor to the Pakistani team and at the end we won. SurKshetra was indeed an interesting show.

You wanted to be a fast-baller but you ended up being a Singer?

True that! Music happened to me. I wanted to be a fast-baller. I aspired to be a cricketer some day and music was probably the last thing on my mind. Parents wanted me to become a doctor. Instead I did computer engineering and I was terrible at it. My parents came to know about my singing from my friends.

How did your album-Jalpari became a youth anthem for Pakistan?
I took parts in singing competitions in college and won them. Investing my pocket money in a recording I recorded my first song. That’s how Aadat happened which was a part of a band-Jal. Then after a controversy with the band my first album– Jalpari was released and the album became a hit.

Apart from music what makes Atif happy?
Sarah and my kid. Whenever I think about them it gives me happiness.

Your sudden marriage with Sarah Bharwana had broken many hearts of your female-fans. What do you have to say on it?
I don’t think I have broken any of my fans' heart. My love for them remains the same. But you are right that my marriage was a sudden decision. Actually, six-seven years ago I met an astrologer who predicted that when I will turn 28, I would be married. After turning 28, I recalled his prediction and decided to marry Sarah with whom I had a seven-years relationship. And now, we have a baby boy too.

Your son looks like you or Sarah?

He is going to be one-year-old in March. At present he is a mixture of both.

Who is Atif as a husband and a father?

Just like a normal guy, a normal father and a husband. I love to pamper my family. I love to go and shop with Sarah. I love to buy pampers (diapers) and baby care products for my kid.
How has the journey been, 10 years ago and now?
I have learnt from this journey. I have evolved. 17-year-old Atif was very innocent, immature and was not well-aware about the ways of the world. But now, he knows how to handle people and fans. Most importantly, I have grown as a Musician.

Have you ever become a victim of Indo-Pak relations?
Not at all. I never had any evil-intentions against any one, any religion or community or artist is of any nation. Music connects everyone. The  purity of music is across border.

Any message to your fans?
I am nothing without my fans. I have always loved them for what they have done for me. I can never forget their love and support they have given me throughout my journey. I will continue loving them till eternity.
Chayanika Nigam

Chayanika Nigam

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