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Ask the experts
Chef's table. Scares the bejesus out of me frankly. I am not expert on flavours or textures and I have very little of advice or suggestion to offer when asked if any changes need to be made to the food. I simply like to sit and eat.

Thus this particular invitation to the Chef's Table with Chef Raminder Bakshi at Fat Lulu's did get me a little worried but I went ahead anyway. There's only one reason for it. I had reviewed Fat Lulu's a almost a year ago (http://bit.ly/1rDTeAK) and I absolutely loved their pizzas. I went back for the pizzas.

What greeted me was a very friendly table of people who talked about everything under the sun - JNU, Kerala holidays, drunken stories and of course food. Gracious hosts Deepak Datwani and Monika Batra made sure it felt like old friends chatting over some great eats.

We started off with our mocktails and a virgin mary shot which was followed by a salad they called Detox. The salad came to us in pretty little jars and we were told by Bakshi that when a normal portion is served on the table it comes in a bigger jar and it is turned upside down on the serving board so as it comes out in the shape of the jar. Detox is a light fresh salad and works as a very good start to the rest of the menu.

Next came the Bruchettas - cherry tomato and cheese, grilled zucchini artichoke and olive tapenade, and beetroot jam, goat cheese and orange. We indulged in bite-size portions (the normal portions at 6 inches long) and personally I was blown away by the beetroot jam, goat cheese and orange bruschetta. The sweet, the salt and the delectable nutty taste is absolutely wonderful. Goat cheese always makes me crave for pine nuts, am I the only one?

The grilled shrimp calamari and the cajun spice chicken skewers came next. Being a complete sea-food buff, the first dish stole my heart. Then came the pumpkin ravioli with sage and butter sauce and the asparagus risotto with grilled artichoke and goat cheese. The risotto was very comforting and quite delectable.

The cajun spiced sea bass, blackened chicken and the tenderloin steak came last and the steak trumped the rest, at least for us. And just when we thought we could not eat a bite more, Bakshi brought out a pepperoni pizza. And the rest was history. Two pizzas were over and done with in less than minutes.Desserts saw us through some yummy cake slices from Elma's and we were ready to crash and sleep right there.

Fat Lulu's is best known for their pizzas but the chef's table gave all of us a chance to explore the rest of the menu that we usually overlook. If we have tempted you enough - do head over and indulge! The prices are very fair - we assure you.
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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