Ashutosh Ghosh is new CU V-C

Ashutosh Ghosh is new CU V-C
Professor Ashutosh Ghosh will be the new Vice-Chancellor of University of Calcutta. 

He has taken the chair from Friday as former Vice-Chancellor, noted educationist and scholar and researcher Sugata Marjit has vacated the post on Thursday.

Marjit, who had joined as Vice-Chancellor of the 

University of Calcutta on July 14, 2015, expressed his willingness to return back to his own research and responsibilities in Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to the governor Keshari Nath Tripathi, who is also the Chancellor of the university.

According to the university source, the Chancellor has officially given the nod for Ghosh’s appointment as the vice chancellor.

Ghosh, the chemistry professor, was the dean of chemistry, is a well-known and popular figure among the students. Soon after taking the charge, he started his work on Friday. 

“I will start the work from where the last Vice-Chancellor has left. I am committed to this university,” Ghosh said. 

The source close to the development said, Ghosh will also guide the students to avoid any tussle and restore the peace and harmony in the campuses.

It is to be remembered that Marjit advised the students to maintain peace, harmony and keep high-quality atmosphere in the educational institutes.  He also conveyed gratitude to the state government for keeping faith on him.

Meanwhile, people close to Marjit said that he will return to his duty at the RBI and will remain attached to the research work. Marjit took the chair of Vice-Chancellor when professor Suranjan Das had resigned and took the charge of Jadavpur University.
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