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As Budget jargon stumps BJP MPs, Modi says do homework

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked MPs to take the benefits of the Union Budget to the masses, the business “jargons” are not proving “handy” to most of them.

According to sources, Modi asked the BJP MPs to celebrate Holi in their constituencies and tell the people about the main features of the Budget. Ironically, when the government is taking relentless efforts to bring the economy back on track, party MPs continue to make “objectionable” comments rather than following the PM’s vision to put India on the global map.

Party sources said that most of the MPs are not aware of certain terms mentioned in the Union Budget; some don’t even know how many zeros are there in a crore. To start with, Karia Munda, MP from Khunti constituency in Jharkhand, found it difficult to understand the concepts of Sick Industrial Companies Act (SICA) and Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS).

SICA was implemented to identify sick industrial units and it was aimed to expedite the revival of potentially viable units, while TReDS was set up to facilitate financing of trade receivables of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sectors (MSME) from corporate buyers through multiple financers. The establishment of TReDS was needed because despite playing a very important role in the country’s economy, such units continue to face constraints in obtaining adequate finances.

Similarly, Prasad Tasa, MP from Jorhat, Kamkhya in Assam was reportedly taking classes on Monetary Policy Framework Agreement and other issues mentioned in the Budget.

Also, it’s quite well-known that Sadhvi Savitri Bai Foole, Niranjan Jyoti, Sakshi Maharaj, have become an albatross around PM Modi’s neck. At time when they should follow the PM’s request to relate to the people the government’s achievements, most of them are busy requesting mothers to produce more children.

These MPs were reprimanded for making derogatory statements and asked to go through the Union Budget instead. “They were asked by the senior party leaders not to hesitate in consulting them if they did not understand any of the jargons of the Union Budget,” party sources said.

On February 28, stating that the 2015-16 Budget has something on offer for every Indian, the PM has asked BJP MPs to make people aware of its features. Addressing BJP members at the meeting, Modi has asked them to pick out target groups like youths, women and the socially and economically deprived sections and share with them the contents of the Budget aimed at their welfare, sources said.
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