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Arun Jaitley gives it back, says PM’s address big farce

The leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha in a press conference on Friday at BJP’s headquarters said one should read between the lines of Singh’s address to discern that the PM himself admitted his government’s failure in curbing corruption.

‘Manmohan Singh’s government has failed in curbing corruption, price rise, inflation and unemployment issues, which has risen during the UPA rule. All these issues were perfect recipes for a disaster. Our Prime Minister didn’t express his regret on corruption during the UPA government. Unfortunately, he rationalises corruption in his press conference,’ Jaitley added.

‘Our PM has manufactured a weird logic by arguing that by winning an election, the charges of corruption have been wiped out. This is like a criminal justifying his election win,’ he said. Jaitley added that Singh has a different yardstick to measure his party’s electoral performance in 2009 and 2013. ‘Modi’s innocence however, has not been based on electoral logic. He has gone through an elaborate judicial process involving police, courts, and even the highest court in the land. I am sure he will make a very good PM,’ he said.

Jaitley said it was ironical that Singh considered the Indo-US nuclear deal as the high point of his tenure. ‘I think bribery of MPs during the confidence vote on the nuclear deal was the lowest point of the Singh’s government. He is not honest in his assessment,’ he added.

 ‘He claimed that his government has done a lot for the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom’s victims and survivors. But even after 20 years, not a single person has been convicted for such gruesome crimes. However, many people were convicted for instigating the riot in 2002,’ Jaitley opined. On B S Yeddyurappa’s unconditional support to BJP, Jaitley said, ‘When there were allegations against him, we removed him. Our party functions differently unlike the Congress party.’
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