Artists’ abstract journey

Artists’ abstract journey
An art exhibition titled ‘The Order of Things’ feature abstract artists from across different genres of abstraction and different phases of their career. This exhibition is curated by artist curator Tribhuvan Deo. 

Abstraction, like its name, provides the viewer with the essence of an emotion or thought allowing them to interpret the work in their own way. 

This selection of work represents a microcosm of the different styles and expressions that exist in the realm of abstraction. It is of course not exhaustive but a rich variety of contemporary, modern expressions. 

Seasoned artists like Bipin Kumar, Hukum Lal, Gopal Mehan and Vishal Joshi, who present the early decade of stylistic concerns and formal aspects of painting like colour, line and energy have contributed their works. There are also mid-career artists like Smita Kinkale, Abhijit Pathak, and  younger names like Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi and Sahaya Sharma, who are more concerned with experimenting with mixed media and have an unconventional approach that includes using substances like latex, the blowtorch and various other materials.

All these artists are inspired by the materiality of society, converting it into something that is beyond its given function. These can be sensual, teasing or put you in a state of Zen. These artists are informed by an ethos that corroborates with Indian philosophy, in which one can find the formless or that which has no form. 

The artists have chosen to indicate the nature and journey of abstract art of the coming years. Each one of them has a unique voice and yet they coalesce to form an alternative voice, a niche that thinks of the future by pure virtue of being abstract.

About the Artists:

Abhijit Pathak is an emerging artist with a formidable arsenal of techniques that he employs with deftness. 

Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi is a totally spontaneous artist who is not afraid to experiment with materials like laser cut steel, latex and cements dust, besides the conventional paint. 

Bipin Kumar is a senior artist whose unique pastels are marked by lively, vibrant colours and a geometrical approach towards nature. 

Gopal Mehan Gopal is a self taught artist, whose works are a non-figurative style of painting, characterized by a sea of vivid colours and textures, offset by black lines and squares. 

Hukum Lal is a Chattisgarh-based artist whose works captures the raw and vibrant quality of the earth and its flora. 

Sahaya Sharma is a young artist who is moved by life’s small moments. 

Smita Kinkale is an experimental artist who creates paintings out of treated and recycled Polymer. 

Vishal Joshi’s work is inspired by the spiral, a life form that resembles the flower of life, the intention being to transcend the earthly realm into a space of contemplation, through his deft and luminous paintings. 


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