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Art within reach

Art within reach
It is time for Gallerie Nvya’s much awaited annual show Within Reach driven with the intention of displaying well priced works of masters alongside new works by emerging artists . The quality as well as the priceline of the art works is the main criteria of selection. Within Reach, in its fifth year, is targeted essentially at discerning collectors who want to collect remarkable works at incredible prices! The art works are in varied genres and mediums like paintings, drawings, serigraphs, sculptures and installations. And the works come from a host of 50 artistes from across the country. 
Priced reasonably, each of the works is selected after serious deliberation on the individual profile and work corpus of the respective young artist. For Nvya this is an opportunity to share and make available art that stands on the threshold of recognition and is filled with promise. Through the show they provide a platform for emerging artists in a space shared with more established names; affirm aesthetic sensibility, and celebrate the creative impulse that weaves colour and form into variegated manifestations of visual reality.

Art galleries had a formidable aura in earlier times, a standoffish, snobbish setup which was interpreted as elitist by many, especially the young and not so affluent. With passage of time, this has changed to some extent. Gallerie Nvya has made this little endeavor with the Within Reach series of exhibitions to modify and revise this myth. Whether you are buying a piece or not -head over! 
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