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Art on wheels

Art on wheels
The duo known as Manil-Rohit are literally painting the city red. They drive around the city in a Scorpio splashed with bold colours, carrying the rhetoric of modern life. The initiative was not planned but happened spontaneously.

Says artist Rohit Gupta: ‘Our family was taking a trip to Chandigarh in the Scorpio painted by us, when people began to ask questions about how and why we had painted the car and wanted to pose with the car. That’s when we realised the potential of this project.’

The brothers are going to showcase their work at Nature Morte, the art gallery at The Oberoi next month. ‘The common man feels alienated from paintings and art. People feel intimidated if they have to go and view a painting in an art gallery. This is an attempt to bring art to the people,’ says Gupta.
‘Movies and television have a wide range of audience. however, art is some-thing that is either discussed in intellectual gatherings or within the precinct of an art gallery,’ he added.

The brothers want to break the elitism that surrounds art. They think art is something everyone should be able to enjoy and understand. ‘we used a loud aerosol base and began painting without a plan. it was spontaneous, almost like automatic drawing. The end result was contemporary with a lot of abstraction, figuration, optical illusion with elements of graffiti like thought bubbles,’ he claimed.

The car is called
The Holographic Love Machine
. ‘The title was chosen with care, so that it retains the abstraction and still connects with the masses. The bold colours draw curious masses,’ he added.

When questioned on the type of response the car has gathered, Gupta claimed to have gotten crazy responses. ‘Some people in Chandigarh asked us to paint their cars as well. Many see the car as a token of love which will help in dispelling road rage, he said.

‘Different people are drawn to the car for different reasons. Some are attracted to the colours while others add to the existing themes and make the message personal,’ he added. The duo post the places they plan to visit on their Facebook page.
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